Slips & Falls

Slips & Falls

Slip and falls are unexpected, they come out of nowhere and can happen anywhere. If you have recently slipped on an icy, wet or over-polished surface or have fallen because you tripped over a misplaced obstacle, call me immediately for a free consultation to make sure you are getting the care and compensation you deserve.  

Your slip and fall may have caused the following injuries:

Traumatic brain injury

Broken bones

Spinal cord injury


Neck and back injury

Facial damages


Torn ligaments

Internal organ damage

Hip fractures

Scarring and disfiguration


Many slip and fall accidents occur because of the negligence of a property owner or property manager who has failed to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition, which causes a hazard to exist without either eliminating it or placing warning signs or barricades to protect people who are visiting or working on the property. If your accident was caused by a premises owner’s negligence, you are entitled to claim compensation for your damages.  

Some conditions of premise negligence could include but are not limited to: 

Slippery, wet pavement

Over-waxed floors

Organic debris such as acorns or wet leaves on walkways

Loose gravel on pavement

Uneven, cracked sidewalks

Ice on walkways

Fallen branches

Stairs lacking a hand rail

Spilled food or drinks

Ripped, loose, or damaged carpet


Merchandise fallen from shelves into store aisles

Electrical cords in walkways

Your fall may have caused serious bodily damage that will take months of medical treatment and physical therapy, that could result in: 

Loss of earnings 

Medical Expenses

Long term or permanent disability

Loss of quality of life

The individual, company or government entity that showed gross negligence and caused your fall is responsible for your pain and suffering and should be held liable for all your personal damages. Call our office today and we can discuss how to recover the money and compensation you are entitled to. 

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