Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Most of us drive everyday of our lives and unfortunately accidents are inevitable. It is important to seek a medical evaluation and start treatment immediately following an auto accident. Even the smallest of crashes can have affects on your health and without treatment may lay dormant for some time. If you wait to treat, compensation for medical expenses will no longer be available and you will be responsible for paying out of pocket for your Doctor visits and treatment.  Dealing with your insurance company as an individual can be frustrating and sometimes misleading. Insurance companies do not always disclose the full scope of your treatment options and the benefits you are entitled to.

Serious injuries that you may be experiencing could include but are not limited to:  

Post traumatic stress disorder PTSD


Back pain

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Spinal cord injuries including paraplegia and quadriplegia

Neck and back injuries including sprains, strains, and herniated discs

Burn injuries

Bone fractures

Torn ligaments

Facial injuries

Internal organ injuries

Internal bleeding



Psychological damage: anxiety, phobias, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

Chronic pain


Many people don’t understand the significant impact a fender bender can have on your body. The less damage your car sustains can be an indication of how much more of the impact your body absorbed. It is important to get a physical assessment after any size accidents, big or small, to make sure that you are ok and there won’t be any unwanted repercussions later on.  

You may be entitled to and not limited to recovering the following expenses and damages: 

Medical expenses

Lost earnings and earning potential 

Expense for household services you can no longer perform

Cost of transportation and childcare for medical appointments

Cost of assistive devices

DisabilityPain and suffering

Diminished quality of life 

Loss of affection, companionship or marital consortium 

Mental anguish

Psychological disturbance

Funeral expenses (in wrongful death cases) 

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